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Retrieve Your License Key

Please enter the exact receipt email on the purchase. If you pay through your PayPal account, enter the primary email of your PayPal account.

Click Resend button to retrieve your the license key.

Email on Purchase:

Date of Purchase:

Validation code:

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Note: If you still didn't receive the license key after resend, check the Six common issues carefully if applicable:

1. Your email address was typed wrongly for the purchase.
2. Your mail server requires authentication. Double check the settings on your email server.
3. The license key is sent to the original email address registered on PayPal or Banks.
4. Your email account doesn't exist any more due to inactivity for long periods of time.
5. Your mailbox is full. Try to send to yourself to see if it is working properly.
6. It's been placed on Spam folder of your mailbox.