Note for Bar Code printing: For better printing quality, please save Bar Code as PDF file first, then print the PDF file out.

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Software Tips

1. Run as Administrator and deal with anti-virus and security programs

If FutureTax didn't work or didn't work suddenly, such as can't save return file, the software is not running properly, etc, right-click on the FutureTax icon and select "Run as Administrator". If the problem is still there, disable anti-virus and/or security programs running on your PC or add FutureTax as an exception on your anti-virus and/or security programs.

2. Prompts errors when printing

Reinstall the software and try again.

3. Net income/loss (3680) on Schedule 101(S101)

Code 3680 can claimed on Schedule 100(S100) only, and it should be zero on S101 because S101 is for first year filing of the corporation.